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Client-focused grants management software and services supporting the success of grant funders and grant recipients.

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    Our clients manage some of the largest healthcare organizations and networks in the United States and Africa.  With over 300 healthcare clinics and $600+ million in healthcare funding provided by NIH, HRSA, SAMHSA, CDC, ACF, WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our clients need a reliable, secure, end-to-end grants management system.  Both funders and grant recipients rely on our GrantVantage® Microsoft CRM grants management system to manage budgets, invoicing, reimbursements, objectives, performance measures (KPI’s), and partner contributions.  Clients use GrantVantage® for financial portfolio and project specific funder reporting with Power BI for data modeling and analytics.  Our clients choose GrantVantage with Microsoft cloud technology to ensure user access and data security.

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    International Development

    Our clients use the end-to-end GrantVantage® system to design funding announcements and quickly implement programs and services that positively impact women, children, families and communities. Resource investments from foundations, NGOs, and government funders support grantees and subrecipients throughout the United States, South America, Australia, Western Pacific/Southeast Asia, and Africa.   Funds are used to create and enhance education programs, job training, small businesses, utilities, housing, and agricultural activities.   

    Clients choose the GrantVantage® solution because it offers multi-level project and budget management transparency, and compliance and risk management tools for and oversight of in-county multi-partner initiatives.  Users benefit from our standardized hierarchical project structure, built-in communication features, and financial and project reporting. Multi-year budgets with direct funds, cash match and GIK are easily tracked, and in-country users can manage and report in multiple languages and currencies.  Expenses, invoices, drawdowns, disbursements and reimbursements are easily tracked alongside configurable data metrics. Our clients choose GrantVantage with Microsoft cloud technology to ensure user access and data security.

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    Disaster Assistance / Relief Management

    Our clients do amazing work mobilizing and responding to the many world-wide calls for emergency relief and disaster assistance. They are experts at deploying services and resources to support communities and comfort children and families devastated by natural disasters and conflict.  

    Our clients are governments, tribes and nonprofit organizations that require an end-to-end grants management system.  GrantVantage® is built on Microsoft Dynamics and we use Microsoft cloud technology to distribute, administer, and report on 1000+ projects in over 67 countries in multiple currencies and languages.  Generous donors and funders such as USAID, DHHS, UKDIFD, AUAID, EU, UN, CIDA, and JICA provide our clients with the funds needed to deliver disaster assistance and support relief organizations.  Clients use GrantVantage® to distribute funds, implement grant awards, collect, manage and track impact data, and report and publish their financial position and program implementation success.

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    Public Safety

    Our clients provide support and services for public safety activities that safeguard people and property.  Clients receive and provide funding for emergency preparedness and response activities, including anti-trafficking programs, refugee resettlement, community policing, homeland security, legal assistance, and support services for individuals and families that are victims of crime.  

    Clients use the GrantVantage® Microsoft CRM solution to coordinate private and public resources, award and manage federal and state funds, oversee grantees and subrecipients, and automatically produce financial and performance reports for funders and community interest groups.  The GrantVantage solution is easily configured for grants and contracts provided to states and nonprofit organizations by the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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    Energy Resource Management

    Our clients are state governments, Tribes, nonprofit organizations as well as private sector businesses that receive funding and grants to develop and support clean energy programs and products.  These programs and products include wind and solar energy for rural communities, products to improve air quality that complement transportation infrastructure such as electric city buses and cars, and home weatherization programs for our most vulnerable populations.  Funding provided by states and the Department of Energy is distributed and managed using the GrantVantage® end-to-end grants management system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and supported by Microsoft cloud technology to ensure secure user access and data security. 

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    Social Development Vocational Training

    Our clients provide exceptional social development services and vocational training in communities throughout the U.S., South America, and Australia.  Governments and foundation grants are used by our clients to enhance the livelihood of individuals with disabilities, and to support community reentry programs design to assist individuals positively transitioning from with drug and alcohol addictions or prison.  Wrap-around services include communication with family, employers and colleagues, professional and social coaching, vocational job skills and financial literacy.


    Clients use the GrantVantage® Microsoft CRM solution to apply for and to coordinate private and public resources, manage federal and state grant funds, oversee programs and collect data on services, and to produce financial and performance reports for funders and community interest groups.

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    Housing Support

    Our clients do incredible work in support of public and Native American housing programs and services.  They receive, manage, distribute, and report on state and federal HUD grant funds.  The GrantVantage® system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports Affordable Housing Development and Preservation projects, Environment and Energy projects, Fair Housing programs, Homeless outreach services, Homeownership, Rental Assistance, and other related supportive housing and service initiatives. 

    Our clients revitalize public and HUD-assisted housing units, lead city and rural communities in the development and implementation of comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategies, that transform neighborhoods for the safety of children and families. Clients implement  GrantVantage® to coordinate private and public resources, manage federal and state grant funds, oversee programs and collect and report service data for financial and performance reports and community interest groups.

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    Natural Resource Management

    Our clients are at the forefront of natural resource conservation.  They manage programs and provide services to states and communities to reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitats, and reduce damage caused by floods and other natural disasters.  Effectively managed programs help to protect rivers, streams, and watersheds, create and enhance parks and open recreational areas, and offer youth programs and education work-study opportunities for the leaders and protectors of tomorrow.  

    The GrantVantage® system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used by our clients to organize, coordinate, and collaborate on natural resource projects, collect and report data, manage budgets, and report and share outcomes and impacts with funders and community members.  System users have direct links to Microsoft Power BI to visualize data, and seamlessly infuse visual graphs and charts into presentations or website publications.

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    Our clients implement and manage spectacular educational programs that prepare students for life-long opportunities and high-demand jobs.  They reach underserved and underrepresented populations to enhance and positively impact children, families and the vitality resident communities. The GrantVantage® system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used by our clients to distribute and track funds and resources to state-wide networks of charter schools, and to collect and manage impact data on STEM programs.

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