GSA Training

8. Format & Training

d. The Contractor shall provide the following information for each training course offered:

(1) The course title and a brief description of the course content, to include the course format (e.g., lecture, discussion, hands-on training);

GrantVantage Software Training – the course is a hybrid between discussions and hands-on training. Materials will be provided to teach users how to navigate the GrantVantage system, perform grant administrative tasks, build and manage grant projects and budgets and quickly become familiar with the standard Microsoft interface.

Training is provided in four modules:

  1. Orientation and Grant Setup
  • Enter organizations, contacts and user data
  • Managing user profiles and security roles
  • Adding new grants
  • Add project goal and project summary
  • Add objectives, activities and performance measures
  • Add sub-recipients, contracts and partner activities
  • Assigning objectives, activities and performance measures to sub-recipients, contractors and partners
  1. Project Budgets
  • Enter project budgets
  • Enter budget transactions
  • Inventory Management
  • Managing contract financial disbursements
  1. Managing Grants
  • Updating grant objectives, activities and performance measures
  • Objective and activity change requests and approval
  • Uploading documents, associating emails, entering notes and attaching all other types of media
  • Reporting: performance and financial reporting
  • Effective use of dashboards
  • Grant close-out process
  1. Managing Contracts
  • Creating contracts
  • Creating contract objectives, activities and managing milestones
  • Creating contract budgets
  • Managing payment disbursements based on performance
  • Using contract dashboards to oversee contractor/consultant performance
  • Contractor/consultant communication


(2) The length of the course;

Courses are offered over 4 business days at 8 hours per day.

(3) Mandatory and desirable prerequisites for student enrollment;

Students must have a general knowledge of implementing and managing grants. In addition students must have a desktop or laptop computer.

(4) The minimum and maximum number of students per class;

The minimum number of students is 1 and the maximum number of students is 50 per class. Please refer to attachment 2 of the GSA schedule for more information the minimum and maximum number of students.

(5) The locations where the course is offered;

The courses are offered with the GrantVantage team in Arlington, Virginia and courses are also offered on-site at the client’s location.

(6) Class schedules; and

Classes are offered Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm in the time zone the training is to occur.

(7) Price (per student, per class (if applicable).

Please refer to Attachment 2 of the GSA schedule for pricing per student per class.

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