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It may seem like tedious grant management is the name of the game. Every day seems to present many of the same challenges – too many open windows, individual filing systems, 4 different programs to manage one grant. For most grant funded organizations, stretching a dollar is an art form.  However, what about funder compliance?

Managing requirements from various funding sources is a common struggle. Different funders require different compliance reports, each of which can take up to four employees to complete according to the RAND Corporation study, “Meeting Funder Compliance: A Case Study of Challenges, Time Spent, and Dollars Invested” conducted and written by Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo and Paul Steinberg.

The RAND study clearly outlines many of the struggles faced by funders and nonprofits when compliance reports are due. Grantees must report program progress and expenditures to funders in order to continue receiving funding. Unfortunately, many grantees rate funder compliance as a low priority. This leads to inconsistent tracking and reporting practices which can, in turn, lead to lost funding and/or criminal charges. It’s no wonder grant managers are so stressed!

While directors and supervisors understand grant compliance is a necessary evil and struggle to delegate tasks to meet funder requirements as well as organizational goals, many do not actually invest in this inevitability. Instead, time and resources used for funder compliance are spread out among different offices; each employee charged with piecing together their own part of the project. As cited in the RAND study, many of the study’s participants found great difficulty in the expectation to simultaneously complete already existing day-to-day jobs and grant reporting tasks. Of those polled, many received no formal training.  Instead, staff learn reporting on the job, often via informal training methods such as ‘shadowing’ another colleague. The report stated very little was known in the realm of funder requirements “other than completing a required report and submitting it to their respective superiors”.

The GrantVantage Solution does not require offices to invest in report training, but we do train our clients and provide excellent customer support. We provide hands-on training for GrantVantage Users so you can easily manage multi-funder projects, sub-recipients, and associated grant contracts. The GrantVantage software is a complete grant and contract project management tool that alleviates the stress associated with data collection and compliance reporting. GrantVantage eliminates the problem of dispersed data collection by providing a seamless web-based solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook.  This means you can access your grants from any computer with internet access and manage your grants as easily and simply as you manage your emails.

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