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Grant Management DATA Act Policy


The National Grant Management Association is publicizing an opportunity for stakeholders to weigh in on grant management policy changes required by the DATA Act. While the first phase of the DATA Act rollout required the OMB to draft reporting guidelines, the second phase will include a pilot program to test the efficacy of new standards, led by the Department of Health and Human Services.

The DATA Act, signed last year, was hailed by transparency advocates as the most significant government transparency law since the Freedom of Information of Act passed almost 50 years ago. We will continue to explore some of the DATA Act’s combined implications with the OMB Universal Grants Guidance to increase government transparency, reduce waste, and standardize reporting to interpret Federal award impact. For a list of key takeaways, an interactive timeline, and more reaction on the DATA Act, we recommend this short article from the Government Technology blog.

The DATA Act Section 5 Pilot Team is inviting feedback from stakeholders, such as agencies implementing major award portfolios, to “provide federal contract and grant recipient organizations a unique opportunity to guide the future of the government-wide implementation of the DATA Act.” Sign up here.

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